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Lewis Carroll demands his money

DODGSON, Charles Lutwidge (1832-1898). 'Lewis Carroll'.
Autograph Letter (third person) to W J Johnson, 1 page 8vo (oblong), Ch[rist] Ch[urch], Oxford, 26 October 1890. Thanking Johnson for his letter, discussing share prices and repeating his demand for payment of dividends.
'... The result of [Dodgson's] enquiries, into the present price of shares was that about £1460 might fairly be asked for the lot.
He finds he did not repeat, in his last letter, what he said, in a previous letter, as to his claim for the "Croesus" dividends for the past year, which are now due: but of course it must be understood as repeated.'
No letters to Johnson, who appears to been some sort of financial adviser, are recorded by Morton N. Cohen (The Letters of Lewis Carroll), and the present letter therefore appears to be unpublished.
[No: 20672]

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