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HASTINGS, Warren (1732-1818). Governor-general of India.
Autograph Letter Signed to his nephew, The Revd T.B. Woodman, in Ewell, Surrey, 1 page 4to with address-leaf, D[aylesfor]d House, 10 June 1803. Inviting the Woodmans to Daylesford and showing Warren Hastings at his most relaxed and rusticated.
'You will make us both very happy with your company: but do not come before wednesday; because we have promised to visit some friends at Cheltenham to morrow: but we shall return on tuesday. I add another day to allow for accident: on wednesday you will be sure of finding us, and finding us fixtures. Look at the crops in the way. Ours are most promising, and your scientific tables begin to be most accurate in their prognostics of the weather. Mrs Hastings sends her love. Give mine to your father.'
Warren Hastings had long wanted to buy the Daylesford estate in Worcestershire. His grandfather had been rector there, and the manor-house and land had also belonged to his family, but had been sold in 1715 by reason of embarrassments arising out of the civil war of the preceding century. Hastings passed his earlier years at Daylesford in the rectory, and used afterwards to relate that even at that early age he had already begun to dream of repurchasing the estate. His wish came true during the period of his impeachment, and for the old house and 650 acres of land he paid £11,424; but its restoration cost him far more. Although the trial ultimately cost him £70,000 the East India Company was generous enough to him to enable him at least partially to recover his fortunes.
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