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'A farrago of lies'

HOGG, James (1770-1835). Author, the 'Ettrick Shepherd'.
Autograph manuscript of a preface and containing a scathing attack on Andrew Picken, 1 page 4to, signed at the foot (lightly laid down). A vigorous accusation of plagiarism against Picken (1788-1833), the edit of The Club Book.
'Note to precede The Adventures of Col Aston ... I sent it two years ago along with some others to the Editor of the Club Book to be inserted in that work. ... Now as I know that thousands will read my tale I request every one of them to read the Deer-Stalkers and judge if that reliberated story is really and truly the work of Mr Andrew Picken? And if it is at all improved from the original? ... The incidents which Mr Picken has with such consummate skill contrived to dovetail into the original are not only a farrago of lies but monstrous and absurd impossibilities. I hope for the sake of the literary character that plagiarism such as this have been of rare occurence in the world.'

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