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CHARLES I (1600-1649). King of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Letter Signed to Sir William Pennyman (1607-1643), 1 page folio with docketed second leaf, Oxford 19 January 1642/3. The text is badly faded but quite legible, the signature quite distinct. Strengthened at the edges. With a fine engraved portrait.
A fine civil war document, ordering Pennyman to seize enemy property in the county of Northamptonshire.
'.... [We] doe hereby give you full power and authority for us and in our name within o[u]r County of Northampton, to search for, seize upon, and take into yo[ur] Custodie all such money, plate, armes, ammunic'on and horses as you shall receive informacon or find to be remayning in the Custody of any person or persons who have contributed any money, plate, armes horses or other provision towards the maynteyning the warr against us ...'
Pennyman had been member of parliament for Richmond in Yorkshire but on the outbreak of war he had raised a troop of horse and regiment of foot and had joined the king at Nottingham. He fought at Edgehill, and in April of the year of this document (1643 in the 'new style') he was made governor of Oxford. He died in the epidemic sweeping that city in the same summer and is buried in Christ Church Cathedral.
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