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Elizabeth I lets her servant off a payment

ELIZABETH I (1533-1603). Queen of England and Ireland.
Document Signed (a bold 'Elizabeth R' at the head), 1 page folio with second leaf bearing a contemporary endorsement, given at Richmond, 10 March 1567. The document is rather damp-stained on the right-hand side affecting several words of the text, although the meaning is not affected. Embossed papered seal at the foot. With two engraved portraits of the Queen.
Remitting a fine (payment) due from Peter Paulyn, to whom a grant of lands had been made, and giving orders that an entry should be made in the records of the exchequer.
'Right trusty and right welbeloved Cou(ncellor) we grete you well. Whereas o[ur] servant Peter Paulyn one of the gromes of o[ur] chambre has of late a graunt of dimise from us of certayn Lands alredy passed our Signature in w[hi]ch graunt special mencion is made of a fyne of vij vijs viijd [£7 7s 8d] payable to our use in the receipt of our exchecquer. We ?late you with that we have condescended to remit unto him the sayd fyne. And therfor our pleasure and comandment is that you shall uppon recept hereof make entree in our recept of thexchequer () graunt aswell forhis indemnyty as for his more redy dispach ...'
Although the condition of the document is unfortunate the text is largely legible and the meaning clear. The damage has been professionally consolidated and does not in any way affect the excellent signature, which is in a darker ink.
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