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Newman on rationalism and faith

NEWMAN, John Henry (1801-1890). Cardinal. Leader of the Oxford movement.
Autograph Letter Signed to the Rev R.A. Armstrong, 2 page 8vo with second leaf laid down, 23 March 1887. The second leaf bears the facsimile message 'I regret to say that I am too old to attempt to answer letters'. Nevertheless Newman devotes two closely written pages to a discourse on rationalism and faith.
'... What I have written about Rationalism requires to be expanded. If you will let me be short and abrupt, I would contrast it with faith. "Faith cometh by hearing & by the word of God. Rationalists are those who are content with conclusions to which they have been brought by reason, but we are saved by faith". ...'
'A man may be a true and exact theist and yet not have faith. What he lacks in order to faith
[sic] is the grace of God, which is given to us in answer to prayers. ...'
'Liberalism is the
development of Rationalism. It views faith as a mere natural gift, the like and the consequence of reason and the moral sense, and by reason and the moral sense he estimates it and measures its objects. ...'

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The image is of the second page only.

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