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Jung interprets a dream

JUNG, Carl Gustav (1875-1961). Swiss psychiatrist.
Fine Typewritten Letter Signed in English, with autograph corrections, to Patrick Evans, 2 pages 4to (separate sheets), Zurich, 1 September 1956. Interpreting a dream and explaining its imagery in great detail.
Although Jung find the dream 'quite remarkable in its simplicity' he takes the time to break it down into three elements, and devotes two long and heavily revised pages to their symbolism.
'... The essential dream-image: the Man, the Tree, the Stone looks quite inaccessible, but only to our modern consciousness ... I would try to establish the relationship of the symbolism to its historical antecendents, ... The Man leads you straight to the Bible. There the Man is Adam, then there is the Son of Man, who is Christ. Then you have the idea of the primordial Man as it appears in the Cabbala ...'
'... The Stone e.g. is still alive in Freemasonry. For more information I should advise you to study my book "Psychology and Alchemy" where you can find any amount of material for your three symbols. I also have devoted a special study to the Tree-symbol but it has not appeared in English yet. ...'
'... The Stone means, particularly in its form as Philosopher's Stone, the attainment of totality and immutability for which the Stone is a very apt symbol. As Adam according to certain traditions, was created in the form of a lifeless statue, thus the second Adam, i.e. the total Man will become a stone, yet alive, as it is said in the New Testament: "tranmutemini in vivos lapides". ...'
'The general theme is clear, it can be formulated as the following questions: what is Man? what is the way of his development? what is his goal? - The psychology of the Unconscious has much to say in the way of answers. ...'

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The image is of the second (shorter) page only.

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