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JAMESON, (Margaret) Storm (1891-1986). Author.
Five Typewritten Letters Signed to the author and novelist Gilbert Phelps, 5 pages small 4to, Clive House, Connaught Square, 27 April - 28 June 1960. A compact correspondence largely concerning her wish to read and review for the Sunday Times Phelps's new novel.
'If I had had "The Love Before The First" I should most certainly have reviewed it. It is on my private list for reading, in some interval of peace. ... Novel-writing is a dog's life. Reviewing is, I think, worse still. ...' [27 April]
'... I've now been told to "go ahead with a brief notice". I'll stretch this as far as I can. ... I've read it. It is very good indeed'.
[9 May]
'That television play was to be part of some scheme of my agents, A.D. Peters, to get six writers each to write a play on a real or imaginary advertisement. I gather that the other five have all fallen down on it. My play - which I wrote as soon as it was asked for, to get it out of the way - is one of revolting sentimentality, its only tiny virtue a speakable dialogue. ...'
[10 May].

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The image is of one letter only.

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