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The image is of part of one letter only.

DARWIN, Sir Francis (1848-1925). Botanist. Son of Charles Darwin.
Two Autograph Letters Signed to R[obert] Morton Middleton, 6 pages 8vo on black-edged paper, Down, Beckenham, 11 July and 2 October 1882. Thanking Middleton for sending letters of his father, who had died on 19 April, and passing on reminiscences.
'I am very much obliged to you for so kindly sending me copies of my father's letters. I glad [sic] to learn that Mr Leighton remembers my father at School. I heard a day or so go [sic] that he was a contemporary of my fathers; and I had written to him to ask whether he could give me any recollections, by an odd chance a few h[ou]rs before your letter reached me. I remember my father speaking of a "boy named Leighton" in connection with a boyish attempt to experiment on plants. ...'
'... The letter of which parts have been printed in the Dundee paper is not a forgery: it was published by Hackel without the authority, & as you may believe, to the great regret of myself & brothers. ...'
Athough Middleton was, on this evidence, a correspondent of Charles Darwin only one letter, from Middleton, is recorded in The Calendar of the Correspondence of Charles Darwin (on-line version), (letter 11726).
[No: 20329]

The image is of part of one letter only.

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