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BONAPARTE, Joseph (1768-1844). Brother of Napoleon I; King of Naples.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed to the Archchancellor [Jean Jacques Régis de Cambacérès], 1 page folio (some slight browning), Portici, 30 October 1806. Joyfully acknowledging the victory at Iéna, and recording the joy of the people of Naples at the news.
The Battle of Jena resulted in the final defeat of the Prussians. Napoleon's forces lost 5,000 men in the battle, but the Prussians, led by Hohenloe, lost 25,000.
'... les nouvelles de la battaille d'Ienna tiennent du prodige, le public de cette ville de Naples a temoigné la plus grande joie d'un evenement qui assure l'état actuel des choses dans ce pays, et fait présage la pacification générale. ...'
('the news of the battle of Jena has caused the people of this Naples town the greatest joy in an event which assures the stability of this country and foretells general peace.')
Cambacérès was a powerful man who became the virtual ruler of France on numerous occasions when Napoleon was away from the helm of state.
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