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CHAMBERLAIN, (Arthur) Neville (1869-1940). Prime Minister 1937-1940.
Typewritten Letter Signed to the Editor of the Evening Standard, headed 'Private, for guidance not for publication', 2 pages 4to, Treasury Chambers, 30 June 1932. The pages attached and glued at the top left-hand corner, but the second page starts with a sub paragraph of the matter, which suggests that the earlier part may be absent.
Giving his reasons for not having briefed the Press on the contents of his speech to the House of Commons later that day on the subject of the conversion of the War Loan.
... I should have much liked, for the convenience of the Press, to have made the announcement, if I could, at an earlier hour; but, for reasons which will readily present themselves to your mind, this has not been possible. ... I venture to hope that in an enterprise of this character and of this magnitude I may have the valuable assistance of your support.'

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The image is of the last page only.

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