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ELIOT, Thomas Stearns (1888-1965). Poet.
Typewritten Letter Signed ('Tom') to 'My dear Meg' [Nason], 1 page 4to, 24 Russell Square, 5 October 1962. A chatty letter, thanking her for the cake she had sent to Faber and Faber, enquiring about her arthritis and eye problems, setting forth their plans for Christmas and asking her to call on them in London.
'... last year we had Christmas with my relatives in Boston and pined for our Christmas at home. This year, after Christmas we sail for New York, stay there a week, and thence return to Nassau where we went three years ago. We do not much like Nassau, but the beach at that hotel is magnificent, and swimming in warm sea water is the best exercise in the world for me. ...'
[No: 20104]

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