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Two leading ladies to cope with

COWARD, Sir Noël (1899-1973). Actor, playwright, composer, lyricist, painter, & author.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Noel (Coward)') to author Ewan [Butler], 2 pages 4to, on writing paper of the Bellevue Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, 4 March [1964]. Praising Butler's book Amateur Agent in which he is kindly mentioned, and reporting on the vicissitudes of staging a musical version of Blithe Spirit.
Ewan Butler was, with Coward, a member of the Special Operations Executive in World War II. Amateur Agent, published in 1963, is a description of the exploits of this intelligence group.
'... It is finely written and every character you describe comes to life clearly & with economy. It engulfed me in a wave of nostalgia for those curious 'Phony war' days. I was really very touched by your kind & generous appraisal of me. ...'
Coward spent the first few months of 1964 in America, staging The Girl Who Came to Supper as well as the musical version of Blithe Spirit.
'... I am in the city of Brotherly love cracking the whip over my musical version of 'Blithe Spirit'. It is going well so far but I have two leading ladies Beatrice Lillie & Tamme Grimes to cope with. ...'

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The image is of the second page only.

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