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The image is of a specimen letter only.

EDWARD VII (1841-1910). King of England.
Series of thirteen Autograph Letters Signed to Victor, Count Gleichen (1833-1901 admiral and sculptor), 16 pages 8vo and 1 card, Osborne and London, 1861-1891 where dated. Variously signed 'Albert Edward' (6), 'AE' (4) and 'Bertie' (3). The last letter is to Victor's wife, Laura, in the month of his death. The earlier four letters are on deep mourning paper (one crest removed).
Count Gleichen, as he was generally known, had married the younger daughter of Admiral Sir George Francis Seymour (under whom he had served on HMS Cumberland on the North American station). His mother was half-sister to Queen Victoria, and he had a distinguished career in the British navy, being recommended for the Victoria Cross for his bravery in the fighting in China in 1856. His health, however, was not robust and he was obliged to retire to England, embarking on a successful career as a sculptor from a studio in St James's Palace. In 1885 Queen Victoria permitting him to revert to the title of Prince Victor of Hohenlohe-Langenburg.
Although the letters are largely of a social nature, especially arranging dinners, they show an easy and affectionate friendship between Bertie and his cousin and his wife.
'We are thinking of going to see the Burlesque called "Helen" at the Adelphi Theatre, tomorrow after your dinner, & hope that you and Lulu will accompany us. ...'
'Will you & Lulu dine with us tomorrow night at 8.10? A small dinner - "Band & Stern" but not tights. Ladies to wear "demi toilette"'.
[To Princess Victor shortly before her husband died] 'My dear Lulu, Alas! I only found your note after midnight as we were dining in Portman Square. If I had only known it sooner Victor should have had his soup. I have ordered some for tommorrow if you will let us know at what time it is to be ready. Always yrs affectionately AE.'
Several letters are dated in ink probably by the recipient. There are three envelopes, two initialled.
[No: 20087]

The image is of a specimen letter only.

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