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The Pope hires an outlawed assassin

FARNESE, Alessandro (1520-1589), Cardinal from 1534.
Fine Letter Signed in Italian (with translation), with three lines in Farnese's hand, to Ottavio Farnese (1524-1586), 1 page folio, Rome, 30 November 1571. With the enclosure mentioned in the letter, ½-page folio. The main letter has an integral address-leaf with papered seal with the Farnese lilies.
Writing at the urgent request of his Grandfather, Pius V (Pope 1566-1572), asking Ottavio Farnese, Second Duke of Parma and Piacenza, to track down an outlawed assassin called Alvione dal Poggio, at present in the Piacentino, whom His Holiness wishes to employ for the business of great importance.
[Translation:] Most Illustrious and Excellent Brother: N[ostro] S[ignore] [Pope Street Pius V] has personally given me the enclosed memorial, to the same effect as the one like it I sent Your Excellency a few days ago which I had likewise from His Holiness. When I told him I had already written to you, he came back to me with all the more urgency, to write strongly to Your Excellency again without fail, which I do, even though I afterwards received your letter of the 23rd in reply to the one I had already written on this matter. But as I see how heavily this matter weighs on His Holiness and that he greatly wishes to have this man in his hands it will be as well to you to use all diligence without fail. for I am certain that you will do all you can to give complete satisfaction to His Blessedness, just as I will too for my part. In addition I am not relaxing my efforts, but am relying on what you will be told by the Bearer of this letter, who is being sent specially as courier. Apart from which I pray God to preserve and prosper you From Rome, the 30th November 1571. Your Excellency's [in the Cardinal's hand] This business presses heavily on N[ostro] S[ignore] and you need to take all pains to get hold of this man and send him where you will be instructed. [Your] loving young brother Cardinal Farnese. [Enclosure] Most Illustrious and Reverend Ca[rdinal]: It will serve you well. Most Illustrious and Reverend Sir, to write to the Duke your brother, that he will greatly oblige N[ostro] S[ignore] by getting hold of an outlawed Assassin called Alvigione dal Poggio, at present in the Piacentino. whom His Holiness wishes to employ for business of great importance to his service.

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