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The illustration is of the second page only.

MORE, Hannah (1745-1833). Religious writer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Thomas B Lethbridge in Bath, 3 pages 8vo on black-edged paper with address, Barley Wood, 14 February 1820. Affirming her support for Lethbridge, perhaps in a parliamentary election.
'... I cannot spare you the trouble, nor deny myself the gratification of returning you my cordial thanks for your very agreeable and flattering letter. All who know me know, not only how deeply I am interested in the now united cause of religion and politics, but how warmly I am concerned for the successful termination of a contest which will place so zealous a champion both for Church and State ... in a situation where his services will be eminently useful. ...'

[No: 20032]

The illustration is of the second page only.

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