ORMONDE, James Butler, 1st Duke of, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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ORMONDE, James Butler, 1st Duke of (1610-1688). Royalist.
Beginning and conclusion of a Letter Signed, joined together, ca 150 x 185 mm (6 x 7½ inches), Derby, 9 February 1673/4. Signed also by Arthur 1st Earl of Anglesey, (1614-1686, politician).
'These our hearty Commendations Whereas wee have thought fitt upon consideration here of yor letter of ye instant'
'Your very Loveing friends
Ormonde / Angesey'
Ormonde was a loyal friend to both Charles I and Charles II, helping to quell unrest and rebellion in Ireland. His steadfast support caused Charles II to say of him 'I have done all I can to disoblige that man, and to make him as discontented as others; but he will not be out of humour with me; he will be loyal in spite of my teeth; I must even take him in again, and he is the fittest person to govern Ireland'.
[No: 19976]

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