ARLINGTON, Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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ARLINGTON, Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of (1618-1685). Member of Cabal ministry.
Autograph Letter Signed to Richard Bulstrode in Brussels, 1 page 4to with integral address-leaf, (neatly inlaid), London, 3 January 1678/9. Imploring Bulstrode to find him employment, and adding 'You have the newes of our distractions here from better hands wch makes me silent'.
I will hope your candor will excuse the freedom I take, and imploye me here in something wherein I may be usefull to you ... .'
The 'distractions' to which Arlington refers were possibly the infamous and bogus story of Popish plots, disseminated primarily by Titus Oates, which brought about the trial and death of some thirty-five victims.
[No: 19964]

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