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Cromwell orders forty ships to be made ready

CROMWELL, Oliver (1599-1658). Lord Protector.
Fine Letter Signed (a very large 'Oliver P' at the head) addressed to the Commissioners of Admiralty and Marine, 1 page folio, Whitehall, 27 January 1654/5. Ordering ships to be prepared for the forthcoming summer. Two docketed panels of the conjoint leaf remaining.
'Oliver P. / Whereas it is necesary that tymelye care should be taken for the equippinge & setting forth a convenient number of ships for the next sum'ers Guard, These are to will & require you to <'declare' - deleted> prepare & deliver unto us a list of such ships (to the number of Fortie) wth. the number of their men & Guns as you shall iudge first and most proper for the aforesayd Service, And you are to use all diligence and epedition (sic) herein. Given at Whitehall this 27th January 1654./
To the Com[mision]ers of the Admiralty & Marine.'
This document, which bears a particularly large example of Cromwell's signature, is not mentioned in Abbott, The Writings and Speeches (1945).
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