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Illustration is of the address-panel only
Pepys gets his orders

MONCK, George, 1st Duke of Albemarle (1608-1670). Military & naval commander.
Letter Signed ('Albemarle') to Samuel Pepys, ½-page folio with address-leaf and remains of red wax seal (some wear and staining), Cockpitt, 9 October 1665. Ordering Pepys to cancel the ships previously ordered to be sent down river, except for the boats needed at the Tower of London.
'Sir / I would have you send away the shipps and all the men you can gett[.] But for the Boates I appointed yow to have at the Tower I would not have you to doe any thing as to that. I shall acquaint yow the reason at meeting. I remaine / yo[u]r very assured friend / Albemarle
Cockpitt 9 Oct 1665'
A letter written at the height of the war against the Dutch, the circumstances being well recorded in Pepys's Diary:
'... a letter from the Duke of Albemarle to me to order as many shipps forth out of the River as I can presently, to joyne to meet the Duch ...' [8 October 1665]
'... the Duke of Albemarle ... desired me to get a pleasure-boat for to take him in tomorrow morning ...' [9 October 1665]
'Up, and receive a stop from the Duke of Albemarle of the setting out any more ships or providing a pleasure-boat for himself, which I am glad of, and do see (what I thought yesterday) that this resolution of his [to sail with the fleet] was a sudden one and silly. ...' [10 October 1665]
There can be little doubt that the present letter is that referred to in the diary entry for 10 October. The letter carries an address-leaf reading as follows:
'For Samuell Pepys Esqr one of the / principall officers of his maties Navy / these / At Greenwhiche'
Contemporary docket to the address-leaf numbered '729', the number '179' appearing at the head of the letter proper.
[No: 19912]

Illustration is of the address-panel only

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