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Illustration is of part of one of the letters
The King predicts 'no war'

GEORGE II (1890-1947). King of Greece.
Two Autograph Letters Signed and 3 Christmas Cards ('George IIR') to [Philip Armstrong] Tilden, the letters 3 pages 8vo, Brown's Hotel, London and the Royal Palace, Athens. The letters were written on 9 December 1934 and 29 March 1936 and express an interest in Tilden's work and thank him for his 'occasional thought in my rather difficult and very delicate job'.
'... The world is indeed in a sorry mess! I wonder what the outcome of the European imbroglio will be. But in spite of all, I have a feeling we are not going to have a war just now. ...[29 March 1936]
The King was deposed in 1923 and restored to the throne in 1935 as a result of a plebiscite. When he wrote these lines the delicate situation he alludes to was his struggle against Metaxas, who was to become dictator later in the year. Philip Tilden (1887-1956) was an architect, specializing in the reconstruction and renovation of houses. Among his commissions were Churchill's Chartwell and Saltwood Castle.
 The Christmas cards are undated. One shows Greek women spinning, the interior message is in the King's hand. The second has the royal crest in gold on the exterior, his photograph in military dress with a printed message, signed. A scene of a typical Greek village street covers the third which again bears an autograph message as well as the signature.
[No: 19898]

Illustration is of part of one of the letters

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