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Illustration is of part of one of the letters

HILL, Octavia (1838-1912). Philanthropist.
Collection of five Autograph Letters Signed (one incomplete) to women, probably related, in all 17½ pages 8vo, 1870-1910. Two of the letters are to Mary [?Harris], two to 'Agnes' and two to 'Annie' (evidently a god-child of her sister, Miranda).
The candid letters to Mary express deep-felt religious and moral feelings, the first advising on the future of Mary's son, the second musing on her own happiness and blessings, mentioning Ruskin's words on Turner.
 The letters to Agnes contain warm-hearted thanks for flowers, arrangements to meet,and a plea for Agnes to give the prizes at the Flower Show, as Mr Donaldson is too ill to attend. To Annie, she sends a legacy from her sister ('She loved you so much & had a deep sense of the nearness of the link between her & her god-children, & to none of them more than you.').
'... I seem to myself almost a hypocrite for living so on the joyous surface of successful working life, but God knows that by those hidden links of pain I am linked to those who suffer - & may tell them that there in those abysses of pain wh[ich] no future can heal, nothing alter, nothing remove Christ too has stood, that he has taken all bitterness, all regret, & has left nothing but the abiding pain itself wh[ich] is a possession, it has taught one what life is, what love is, what others know & bear, & in the day when He shall wipe away the tears from all faces I shall ask Him to leave me the memory of the pain.'

[No: 19873]

Illustration is of part of one of the letters

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