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Bosie puts Churchill 'out of political life'

DOUGLAS, Lord Alfred Bruce (1870-1945). Poet and friend of Oscar Wilde.
Three revealing Autograph Letters Signed to Mrs Edge, in all 11 pages 8vo and 1 page 4to, 16 Drayton Place and Wiltcher's Hotel, Brussels, June 14 and 20 and October 21 1924. Written just after his six-month sojourn in Wormwood Scrubs for libelling Winston Churchill, Douglas further denounces Churchill and his trial and affirms his faith in the Catholic Church.
Douglas's incarceration came about because of a pamphlet he wrote accusing Churchill of issuing a false communiqué about the battle of Jutland in order to manipulate the stock market. According to Douglas a kick-back of some £40,000 was paid to Churchill by some Jewish financiers who had profited from this false report.
'... My trial at the Old Bailey was a mere farce, as I was not allowed to put my case to the jury at all. However, I achieved my object of putting Churchill out of political life, & I consider that 6 months was not too much to pay for this service to a very ungrateful country, which now, as always, stones the prophets.'
Douglas was received into the Catholic Church in 1911.
'... The Catholic Religion which is the only true Christianity (all other sects being heresies & perversions) teaches exactly the doctrine which you uphold as regards sex relationships. ... Catholicism also teaches that chastity (ie absolute purity & avoidance even w/in marriage) is the highest ideal, but this of course can only be attained by a few. ... My wife deserted me 12 years ago & I have lived absolutely chaste ever since (after the first 3 months) to the great advantage of my body & my soul & my brain. Sexual indulgence kills the soul & ruins all the finer & more delicate perceptions. ...'
With one envelope (rather tattered).
[No: 19771]

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