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CAUGHEY, James (1910-1891). Methodist preacher; mentor of William Booth.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mr [James] Ferrier, 3 pages 8vo, New Brunswick, N.J., 11 September 1887. Complimenting his correspondent's spirituality, offering congratulations on the founding of a new church, asking if he had read his letters in 'The Christian Standard', and enclosing a work on church architecture (not present).
'... A holy heart never grows old, I find and know it so by constant experience. Glory to the Lord! The Montreal paper was recieved (sic.); the proceedings of laying the corner stone of your new Methodist Church, I read with much interest, - especially your address therein, - very good. ...'
James Ferrier (1800-1888) had amassed a fortune from mercantile interests, banking and railways. A member of St James Street Methodist Church, he was a generous contributor to church building funds and took and interest in the Wesleyan Theological College in Montreal.

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The image is of the third page only.

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