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MOUNTBATTEN, Lord Louis, 1st Earl (1900-1979). Admiral of the Fleet.
Typewritten Letter Signed to John [Harding] ('Yours ever Dickie'), 1 page 8vo, Broadlands, 16 May 1975. With correspondence between Harding and Mountbatten's archivist. Thanking Harding for helping Mrs Travis by supplying information about Mountbatten during his time on the Chiefs of Staff Committee as first sea lord. The correspondence between Harding and Mrs Travis is included.
'... I suspect that his coming back to the Chiefs of Staff, having been on the Committee in war time, and having been a Supreme Commander and Viceroy since then, may well have filled his colleagues with some misgivings. ...' (Letter from Mollie Travis to Lord Harding, 25 April 1975).
When he became first sea lord in October 1954, Mountbatten achieved what he had always held to be his ultimate ambition. However, a formidable body of senior naval opinion distrusted him and was at first opposed to his appointment.
 Harding responded tactfully to Mrs Travis's enquiry, '... I certainly had no misgivings arising from his previous appointments, rather the contrary. ...' (Letter of 12 May 1975, photocopy).

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