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PRUDHOMME, René François Armand Sully (1839-1907). French poet and philosopher.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('Madame'), 2 pages 8vo, Paris, 22 May 1878. Accepting her invitation forwarded that morning by his nephew, and explaining that due to a recent stream of visitors he has been too busy to thank her earlier for her compliments on his poem.
' ... Je voudrais aussi vous dire combien votre affectueux billet au sujet de mon poême m'a touché ... .'
It is possible that Prudhomme is referring here to his poem La Justice written in 1878. This was a departure from his previous lyrical style, whereas with this work he carried the Parnassian theories of impersonality to the extent of attempting to turn abstract scientific and philosophical systems into epic verse.

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The image shows the first page only.

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