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BURDETT, Sir Francis, fifth baronet (1770-1844). Politician.
Group of seven letters etc., 1811-1843. A miscellaneous group.

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 4to, Piccadilly, 10 October 1811: Asking whether the Fishmongers Company would be willing to grant it's fellowship at Sidney [Sussex] College, Cambridge to Mr Smedley, 'a distinquish'd scholar & and excellent man'. Edward Smedley (1788-1836, writer) was duly elected to the fellowship in 1812.

Brief autograph note to 'The Wader Bailiff' at Ramsbury, 1 page 8vo with address: granting the bearer, Mr Johnstone, permission 'to fish there. Burdett had inherited Ramsbury Manor in Wiltshire from an aunt; it had been his mother's family home at the time of her marriage. He is himself buried in the family vault in Ramsbury church.

Autograph Letter Signed to P. Phillips of Westgate, Ripon, 1 page 8vo with envelope, Bogle Farm, 2 October 1830: granting a request ('The favour you are pleas'd to ask is so trifling that I can hardly think it worth your acceptance. ...').

Autograph Letter Signed to [Thomas] Spring Rice (1790-1866, politician, later Baron Monteagle), 1 page 8vo, St James's Place, 'Sundy. Mg.', no date (watermark 1831): As whether Rice could see him later that week 'about Telford Sewers Beasmore', evidently refering to Burdett's parliamentary interest in the sewers of the metropolis and his wish to have [Thomas] Telford produce a survey, and also that the sergeant-armourer, John Beasmore should be given a grant.

Autograph Letter Signed also to Spring Rice, 1 page 16mo with address, St James's Place, 7 July 1832: regretting that he could not dine with him 'being engaged to Hobhouse'.

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Martin [Archer] Shee (1769-1850, artist), 1 page 16mo, St James's Place, 18 March 1843: inviting him to dinner with the bishop of Llandaff.

Brief Autograph note address 'Honble Sir', ½-page 8vo, granting admission to the gallery of the House of Commons.

Brief note to Mr 'Ordd', on 1 page 4to: 'the enclosed is just arrived'. No enclosure.
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