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John Wilson Manuscripts - reference library

Biographies and collected letters

This is a brief list of our biographical books. It is provided as a source of information which may be of use to our established clients. We are planning to include a further section covering the more important works on autograph and manuscript collecting and especially those books containing facsimile documents and signatures. None of these books are for sale, although we do occasionally have duplicate copies available.
Names which appear in blue will provide links to related sites (see for example the on-line version of Nelson's Letters and Dispatches), and this facility will be expanded continuously as more and more resources become available.
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ABERDEEN, George Hamilton, 4th EarlCorrespondence with Princess Lieven, 2 vols, 1938
ACKERLEY, J.R.My Sister and Myself, Dairies, ed Francis King, 1990
ACLAND, SarahA Sketch of the Life ..., ed. Isambard Brunel, 1894
ACTON, J E D, First BaronBy Gertrude Himmelfarb, 1962
ADAMS, Charles FrancisBy his son, Charles Francis Adams, 1900
ADDINGTON, Henry, Viscount SidmouthBy Philip Ziegler, 1965
ADELAIDE, QueenBy Mary Hopkirk, 1950
AGATE, JamesA Shorter Ego, vol 3 only (1944-1947), 1949
AINSWORTH, William HarrisonBy S.M. Ellis, 2 vols., 1911
AITKEN, Maxwell, Lord BeaverbrookSee BEAVERBROOK
ALBERT, Prince ConsortBy Theodore Martin, 5 Vols, 4 inscribed by Victoria
ALBERT, Prince ConsortBy Hector Bolitho, 1964
ALBERT, Prince ConsortAlbert, Uncrowned Prince, by Stanley Weintraub, 1998
ALEXANDER, Field-Marshal, Earl"Alex", by Nigel Nicolson, 1973
ALEXANDRA, QueenBy Georgina Battiscombe, 1972
ALICE, PrincessBiographical sketch and letters, 1884, with ALS inserted.
ALLEN, DorothySunlight and Shadow, 1960
ALLEN, WalterAs I walked down Grub Street, Memoirs, 1981
ALLENBY, Field-marshal ViscountBy Brian Gardner, 1965
ALLINGHAM, WilliamWilliam Allingham's Diary, Intro. by Geoffrey Grigson, 1967
AMELIA, PrincessSee, Daughters of GEORGE III, by D.M. Stuart, 1939
AMIS, KingsleyMemoirs, 1992
AMIS, KingsleyBy Eric Jacobs, 1995
AMIS, KingsleyLetters, ed. Zachary Leader, 2000
ANDERSON, Elizabeth GarrettBy Jo Manton, 1966
ANDERSEN, Hans ChristianBy Elias Bredsdorff, 1975
ANGLESEY, Henry Paget, 1st LordOne-Leg, life and letters, by the Marquess of Anglesey, 1962
ANNE, QueenLETTERS, ed B.C. Brown, 1968
ANNE, QueenBy David Green, 1972
ARCH, JosephBy Pamela Horn,1971.
ARDEN-CLARKE, Sir CharlesBy David Rooney, 1982
ARMSTRONG, The Rev. GeorgeA Memoir ..., by Robert Henderson, 1859 (reprint).
ARNOLD, MatthewLETTERS to Arthur Hugh Clough, ed H.F. Lowry, 1968
ARNOLD, MatthewBy Lionel Trilling, 1958
ARNOLD, MatthewM.A.'s Letters, a Descriptive Checklist, 1968.
ARNOLD, ThomasBy T.W. Bamford, 1960
ARNOLD, ThomasDr Arnold of Rugby, by Norman Wymer, 1953
ARNOLD, Thomas, the youngerNew Zealand Letters, ed. James Bertram, 1966
ARNOLD, Thomas, the youngerPassages in a Wandering Life, 1900
ASQUITH, CynthiaHaply I May Remember, 1950
ASQUITH, Herbert HenryBy Roy Jenkins, 1965
ASQUITH, Herbert HenryBy J.A. Spender and Cyril Asquith, 2 vols. signed, 1932
ASQUITH, Herbert HenrySee W.S. CHURCHILL, Great Contemporaries
ASQUITH, Herbert HenryLetters to Venetia Stanley, paper covers, 1985
ASQUITH, Herbert HenryBy J.A. Spender & Cyril Asquith, 2 vols, 1932
ASQUITH, MargotAutobiography, 1920
ATTLEE, ClementAn Interim Biography, by Roy Jenkins, 1948
ATTLEE, ClementAs It Happened, autobiography, 1954
AUBREY, JohnBrief Lives, 1975
AUDEN, Wystan HughThe Poet Auden, a personal memoir, by A.L. Rowse, 1987
AUDEN, Wystan HughThe Life of a Poet, by Charles Osborne, 1979
AUDEN, Wystan HughLater Auden, by Edward Mendelson, 1999
AUGUSTA SOPHIA, PrincessSee, Daughters of GEORGE III, by D.M. Stuart, 1939
AUSTEN, JaneLetters, new edition, ed Deirdre Le Faye, 1995
AUSTEN, JaneA Portrait of Jane Austen, by David Cecil, 2000
AVON, Sir Anthony Eden, Earl ofSee EDEN
AYER, A.J.A Life, by Ben Rogers, 1999
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BABBAGE, CharlesIrascible Genius, by Maboth Moseley, 1964
BABBAGE, CharlesBy Anthony Hyman, 1982
BADEN-POWELL, Sir RobertIndian Memories, n.d.
BADEN-POWELL, Sir RobertThe Two Lives of a Hero, by William Hillcourt and Lady B-P
BADEN-POWELL, Sir RobertLETTERS, sel and ed Paul C. Richards, 1973
BADEN-POWELL, Sir RobertBy Geoffrey Bond, 1955
BADEN-POWELL, Sir RobertBy Tim Jeal, 1989.
BAGEHOT, WalterLove-letters of W.B. and Eliza Wilson, ed R. Barrington, 1933
BAGNOLD, Enid (Lady Jones)Autobiography ('from 1889'), 1969
BAIRD, DollySee THE SUCCESSORS by Laurence Irving
BAIRD, John LogieBy Antony Kamm and Malcolm Baird, 2002.
BALFOUR, Arthur James, 1st Earl ofBy Blanche E.C. Dugdale, 1939
BALFOUR, Arthur James, 1st Earl ofSee W.S. CHURCHILL, Great Contemporaries
BALSAN, Consuelo VanderbiltThe Glitter and the Gold, 1952
BALZAC, Honore deBy Andre Maurois, 1965
BANKS, Sir JosephBy Hector Charles Cameron, 1952
BARCLAY, Captain RobertThe Celebrated Captain Barclay, by Peter Radford, 2001.
BARING, MauriceA Citizen of Europe, by Emma Letley, 1991
BARNARDO, Dr Thomas JohnBy Gilliam Wagner, 1979
BARNES, WilliamBy Trevor W Hearl, 1966
BARNUM, Phineas T.Barnum in London, by Raymund Fitzsimons, 1970
BARRIE, J.M.By Denis Mackail, 1941
BARRIE, J.M.By Janet Dunbar, 1970
BARRIE, J.M.By Cynthia Asquith, 1954
BARRIE, J.M.LETTERS, ed Viola Meynell, 1942
BATES, H.E.The Blossoming World, Autobiography Volume Two, 1971
BEARDSLEY, AubreyLETTERS, ed Henry Maas, J.L. Duncan and W.G. Good, 1970
BEARDSLEY, AubreyA Biography, by Matthew Sturgis, 1998/99
BEATLES, TheBy Hunter Davies, new revised edition, 1985
BEATON, CecilDiaries, 1948-1955, 1973
BEATON, CecilBy Hugo Vickers, 1985
BEATRICE, PrincessThe Shy Princess, by David Duff, 1958
BEATTY, DavidLife and Letters, by Rear-admiral W.S. Chalmers, 1951
BEAVERBROOK, 1st LordBy A.J.P. Taylor, 1972
BEAVERBROOK, LordBy A. Chisholm and M. Davie, 1992
BEECHAM, Sir ThomasCentenary Tribute, by Alan Jefferson, 1979
BEECHAM, Sir ThomasA Mingled Chime, Leaves from an Autobiography, 1979
BEERBOHM, Sir MaxConversation with Max, by S.N. Behrman, 1960
BEERBOHM, Sir MaxBy David Cecil, 1966
BEERBOHM, Sir MaxM.B. and Wm. Rothenstein, ed Mary M. Lago and Karl Beckson
BEERBOHM, Sir MaxChanging Faces in Max B's Caricature, by John Felstiner
BEETON, Isabella and SamBy Sarah Freeman, 1977
BEETON, IsabellaThe Short Life and Long Times, by Kathryn Hughes, 2005
BELL, GertrudeDesert Queen, by Janet Wallach, 1996
BELL, VanessaBy Frances Spalding, 1983
BELLOC-LOWNDES, Mrs Louise SwantonWhere Love and Friendship Dwelt, by Mrs Belloc Lowndes, 1943
BELLOC, HilaireEdwardian Radical, by John P. McCarthy, 1978
BELLOC, HilaireBy Robert Speaight, 1957
BELLOC, HilaireBy A.N. Wilson, 1984.
BENNETT, ArnoldLETTERS, ed James Hepburn, 4 vols., 1966-1986
BENNETT, ArnoldThe Journal, ed Newman Flower, 3 vols., 1932-1933
BENNETT, ArnoldJournal, 1929, 1930
BENNETT, ArnoldBy Reginald Pound, 1952
BENNETT, ArnoldSketches for Autobiography, ed James Hepburn, 1979
BENSON, A.C.Diary, sel. and ed. by Percy Lubbock, n.d.
BENSON, Edward White, Archbishop of CanterburyBy Arthur Christopher Benson, 2 vols., 1899
BENSON, StellaBy R. Ellis Roberts, 1939
BENSON familyGenesis and Exodus, by David Williams, 1979
BENTINCK, Lord WilliamBy John Rosselli, 1974
BERENSON, BernardSunset and Twilight, from Diaries of 1947-59, ed Nicky Marian
BERLIOZ, HectorB. and the Romantic Imagination, V&A cat., 1969
BERNSTEIN, LeonardBy Humphrey Burton, 1994
BESANT, AnnieAn Autobiography, 1893
BETJEMAN, Sir JohnExhibition cat, ed Duncan Andrews, 1976
BETJEMAN, Sir JohnA life in pictures, by Bevis Hillier, 1984
BETJEMAN, Sir JohnLETTERS, ed. C. Lycett Green, 2 vols, 1994-1995
BEVIN, ErnestPortrait of a Gentleman, By Francis Williams, 1952
BEWICK, ThomasMy Life, Folio Society, 1981
BIRKENHEAD, F E Smith, Earl of'F.E.', by his son, 1959
BIRKENHEAD, F E Smith, Earl ofOur Lord Birkenhead, by Ivor Thomas 1930
BIRKENHEAD, F E Smith, Earl ofSEE W.S. Churchill, Great Contemporaries
BIRKETT, NormanBy H. Montgomery Hyde, 1964
BLAKE, WilliamBy Alexander Gilchrist, 1907
BLAKE, WilliamLetters, ed Geoffrey Keynes, 3rd edition, 1980
BLAKE, WilliamAn Introduction, by Raymond Lister, 1968
BLAKE, WilliamBy Peter Ackroyd, 1995
BLESSINGTON, Marquerite, Countess ofCollection of ALsS and His. Docs by A. Morrison, 1895
BLESSINGTON, Marquerite, Countess ofBlessington-D'Orsay, a Masquerade, By M. Sadleir 1933
BLIGH, Captain WilliamThat Bounty Bastard, By Kenneth S. Allen, 1976
BOLINGBROKE, Henry St John, ViscountBolingbroke and Harley, By Sheila Biddle, 1975
BOLINGBROKE, Henry St John, ViscountBy Sir Charles Petrie, 1937
BONDFIELD, MargaretA Life's Work, n.d.
BORROW, GeorgeG.B. and His Circle, By Clement K. Shorter
BORROW, GeorgeA World of his own, by David Williams, 1982
BORROW, GeorgeBy Herbert Jenkins, 1912
BOSWELL, JamesBy Peter Martin, 1999
BOTTOMLEY, GordonCarlisle City Art Gallery cat of Bottomley Coll.
BOWEN, ElizabethBy Victoria Glendinning, 1988
BOWEN, ElizabethLove's Civil War, by Victoria Glendinning, 2009.
BOWERS, Henry Robertson'Birdie' Bowers of the Antarctic, by George Seaver, 1951.
BOWRA, MauriceMemories, 1966
BOWRA, MauriceA Celebration, ed. Hugh Lloyd-Jones, 1974
BOYLE, RobertBy Roger Pilkington, 1959
BRATBY, JohnBreakfast & Elevenses, Autobiography, 1961
BRENNAN, GeraldPersonal Record, 1920-1972, 1974
BRIDGES, RobertBy Edward Thompson, 1944
BRITTAIN, FrederickIt's a Don's Life, Autobiography, 1972
BRITTAIN, VeraTestament of Youth, 1935
BRITTEN, BenjaminCommentary on his works, ed D. Mitchell, 1952
BRITTEN, BenjaminBy Humphrey Carpenter, 1992
BRITTEN, BenjaminLetters from a Life, 2 volumes, 1991/1998.
BRITTEN, BenjamimBritten's Children, by John Bridcut, 2007.
BRONTE, AnneBy Winifred Gerin, 1976
BRONTE, AnneSEE The Four Brontes by L. and E.M. Hanson, 1950
BRONTE, BranwellSEE The Four Brontes, by L. and E.M. Hanson, 1950
BRONTE, CharlotteUnquiet Soul, by Margot Peters, 1975
BRONTE, CharlotteBy Mrs Gaskell, 1947
BRONTE, CharlotteSEE The Four Brontes, by L. and E.M. Hanson, 1950
BRONTE, CharlotteLetters, Ed Margaret Smith, 3 vols, 1995-2004.
BRONTE, CharlotteBy Rebecca Fraser, 1988.
BRONTE, EmilySEE The Four Brontes, by L. and E.M. Hanson,1950
BRONTE familyThe Brontes, By Phyllis Bentley, 1948
BROOKE, RupertLetters, ed. Sir Geoffrey Keynes, 1968
BROOKE, RupertBy Christopher Hassall, 1964
BROOKE, RupertRupert Brooke, Life, Death & Myth, by Nigel Jones, 1999
BROWNING, Elizabeth BarrettLetters to Mary Russell Mitford, ed Betty Miller, 1954
BROWNING, Elizabeth BarrettLetters to Mrs D. Ogilvy, ed. P.N. Heydon, 1973
BROWNING, Elizabeth BarrettBy Margaret Forster, 1988
BROWNING, RobertThe Book, the Ring & the Poet, by W. Irvine, 1974
BROWNING, RobertBy Betty Miller, 1971
BROWNING, RobertExerpt from General Catalogue of B.M., 1939
BROWNING, RobertThe Browning Collections, Sotheby's catalogue
BROWNING, RobertCat of Pictures, Drawings etc., Sotheby's, 1913
BROWNING, E.B. & R.Letters to George Barrett, ed Paul Landis, 1958
BROWNING, E.B. & R.The Brownings' Correspondence, a checklist, 1978
BROWNING, Robert and Elizabeth BarrettLetters of R.B. and E.B.B
BRUMMELL, George ('Beau Brummell')Life, by Captain Jesse, 2 vols, 1844
BRUNEL, Isambard KingdomBy L.T.C. Rolt, 1957
BRYANT, Sir ArthurBy Pamela Street, 1979
BUCHAN, JohnMemory Hold the Door, 1940
BUCHAN, JohnBy Janet Adam Smith, 1965
BUCHAN, JohnBy 'His Wife and Friends', 1947
BULSTRODE PAPERSColl. of ALsS and Hist Docs, A. Morrison, 1 vol 1897
BULWER, EdwardB. and His Wife, 1803-1836, by M. Sadleir, 1931
BULWER-LYTTON, EdwardBulwer, A Panorama, Edward & Rosina, by Michael Sadleir, 1931
BURGESS, AnthonyAutogbiography, 2 vv, 1988 & 1990
BURGESS, AnthonyBy Roger Lewis, 2002.
BURGHLEY, William Cecil, 1st BaronSEE William CECIL
BURNE-JONES, EdwardBy Penelope Fitzgerald, 1975
BURNEY, CharlesSee, Frank SWINNERTON, A Galaxy of Fathers, 1966
BURNEY, FannyDiary, ed John Wain, 1961
BURNEY, FannySEE The Queeney Letters, ed Marquis of Lansdowne, 1934
BURNEY, FannyBy Christopher Lloyd, 1936
BURNS, RobertBy Franklyn Bliss Snyder, 1932
BURNS, RobertLETTERS, ed J. de L. Ferguson, 2 vols., 1931
BURTON, Isabel, LadyBy W.H. Wilkins, 1898
BURTON, Sir Richard FrancisSale catalogue, Spink & Sons, 1976
BURTON, Sir Richard FrancisBy Byron Farwell, 1963
BUTLER, EleanorSEE Ladies of Llangollen, by Elizabeth Mavor, 1974
BUTLER, R.A.B.The Art of the Possible, 1971
BUTLER, SamuelBy Henry Festing Jones, 2 vols, 1919
BUTLER, SamuelButler Collection, Chapin Lib, cat, 1945
BUTLER, SamuelLife and Letters, by Samuel Butler, 2 vols, 1896
BUTLER, SamuelBy Peter Raby, 1991
BYNG, John, AdmiralBy Brian Tunstall, 1928
BYNG, The Hon JohnThe Torrington Diaries, 4 volumes, 1970
BYRON, Anne Isabella, LadyLord Byron's Wife, by Malcolm Elwin, 1962
BYRON, Anne Isabella, LadySEE The Noels and the Milbankes, by M. Elwin, 1967
BYRON, Anne Isabella, LadyLife and Letters, by Ethel Colburn Mayne, 1929
BYRON, Elisabeth Medora LeighByron's Daughter, by Catherine Turney, 1975
BYRON, George Gordon, LordLetters and Journals, ed L.A. Marchand, 13 vols, 1974-82
BYRON, George Gordon, LordBy Doris Langley Moore, 1961
BYRON, George Gordon, LordByron, Shelley and their Pisan Circle, by C.L. Cline, 1952
BYRON, George Gordon, LordThe Last Journey, by Harold Nicolson, 1924
BYRON, George Gordon, LordLord Byron's Accounts Rendered, by Doris Langley Moore, 1974
BYRON, George Gordon, LordBy Leslie A Marchand, 3 vols, 1957
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CALDECOTT, RandolphYours Pictorially, illustrated letters, ed. M. Hutchins, 1976
CALLAS, MariaPortrait of a Prima Donna, by Geo Jellinek, 1960
CAMERON, Julia MargaretBy Joy Melville, 2003.
CAMPBELL, Mrs PatrickSEE Bernard Shaw and Mrs P. C.: Their Corres, ed A. Dent, 195
CAMPBELL, RoyLight on a Dark Horse, 1969
CAMPBELL, RoyBy Peter Alexander, 1982
CAMPBELL, RoyBy Joseph Pearce, 2001.
CAMPBELL-BANNERMAN, Sir HenryBy John Wilson, 1974
CANNAN, GilbertBy Diana Farr, 1978
CANNING, CharlotteBy Virginia Surtees, 1975
CANNING, GeorgeBy Wendy Hinde, 1973
COPISAROW, Sir AlconUnplanned Journey, 2014
CARDIGAN, 7th Earl ofBy Donald Thomas, 1974/2002.
CARDUS, NevilleAutobiography, 1947
CARLYLE, Jane WelshA New Selection of Her Letters, arr. Trudy Bliss, 1949
CARLYLE, Jane WelshLetters to her Family, 1839-1863, ed Leonard Huxley, 1924
CARLYLE, ThomasSEE The Correspondence of Emerson and Carlyle, 1965
CARLYLE, ThomasLove Letters of T.C. and Jane Welsh, ed A. Carlyle, 2 vols, 1
CARLYLE, Thomas and Jane WelshThe Two Carlyles, by Osbert Burdett, 1930
CARLYLE, Thomas and Jane WelshCollected Letters, ed C.R. Sanders, 4 vols (1812-28), 1970
CAROLINE, QueenMemoirs of the Public and Private Life ..., 1978
CAROLINE, QueenThe Unruly Queen, by Flora Fraser, 1996/99
CARROLL, LewisLetters, ed Morton N. Cohen, 2 vols, 1979
CARTER, HowardThe Path to Tutankhamun, by T.G.H. James, 1992.
CARTER, Violet BonhamDiaries & Letters, 1904-14, ed M Bonham Carter
CARY, JoyceAutobiographical Account of the Balkan War, 1960
CASEMENT, Sir RogerBy Brian Inglis, 1973
CASEMENT, RogerBy Angus Mitchell, 2003.
CATHERINE II (the Great)By Zoe Oldenbourg, 1965
CAVELL, EdithBy A.A. Hoehling, 1958
CAVENDISH, William, 1st Duke of NewcastleSEE Portrait of a Cavalier, by G. Trease, 1979
CECIL, Sir Robert, 1st Earl of SalisburySecond Cecil, by P.M. Handover, 1959
CECIL, William, 1st Baron BurghleyBy Alan Gordon Smith, 1934
CHAMBERLAIN, Sir AustenLife and Letters, by Sir C. Petrie, 2 vols, 1939
CHAMBERLAIN, Sir AustenDown the Years, Autobiography, 1935
CHAMBERLAIN, JosephSEE W.S. Churchill, Great Contemporaries
CHAMBERLAIN, NevilleBy Keith Feiling, 1947
CHAMBERLAIN, NevilleBy Iain Macleod, typescript and proofs, 1961
CHANDOS, Oliver Lyttelton, LordMemoirs, 1962
CHAPLIN, CharlieMy Autobiography, 1964
CHARLES ICharles I and Cromwell, an Essay, by G. Young, 1935
CHARLES IBy John Bowle, 1975
CHARLES IThe Trial of, by C.V. Wedgwood, 1964
CHARLES IThe Age of Charles I, by David Mathew, 1951.
CHARLES IIBy Maurice Ashley, 1971
CHARLES IIBy Antonia Fraser, 1979
CHARLES IIBy Arthur Bryant, 1931
[CHARLES II]See 'Rival Sultanas', by H. Noel Williams, 1915
CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA, PrincessSee, Daughters of GEORGE III, by D.M. Stuart, 1939
CHATHAM, William Pitt, 1st EarlSEE PITT, William
CHATTERTON, ThomasNew Lights on C., by Sir Ernest Clarke, Bib. Soc., 1916
CHEKHOV, AntonBy Henri Troyat, 1987
CHERRY-GARRARD, ApsleyThe Worst Journey in the World, 1994 ed.
CHERWELL, Prof F.A. Lindemann, ViscountSEE The Prof in Two Worlds, by Earl of Birkenhead, 1961
CHESTERFIELD, Fourth Earl ofLetters to His Son, ed A. Calthrop, 1932
CHESTERTON, G.K.Autobiography, 1937
CHESTERTON, G.K.By Maisie Ward, 1944
CHESTERTON, G.K.By Michael Ffinch, 1986
CHRISTIE, AgathaAutobiography, 1977
CHURCHILL, Clementine, LadyBy Mary Soames, 1979
CHURCHILL familyThe Early Churchills, by A L Rowse, 1956.
CHURCHILL, JennieBy P Churchill and J Mitchell, 1974
CHURCHILL, Lady RandolphBy Ralph G. Martin, n.d.
CHURCH, RichardVoyage Home, autobiography, 1964
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerBy Randolph Churchill & Martin Gilbert, 8+2 vv. 1966-1988
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerMy Early Life
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerSee ROOSEVELT and C., Ed F.L. Loewenheim, etc., 1975
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerSecond World War, 6 vols, 1948-1954, inscribed
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerMr C., a Portrait, by Philip Guedella, 1941
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerStruggle for Survival, 1940-65, by Lord Moran, 1966
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerC and Chartwell (guidebook), by Robin Fedden, 1968
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerBy Martin Gilbert (one volume), 1992
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerBy Clive Ponting, 1994
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerEminent Churchillians, by Andrew Roberts, 1994.
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerWinston Churchill and Harrow, by E D W Chaplin, 1941
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerBy Roy Jenkins, 2001/2002
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerSEE In Command of History, by David Reynolds, 2004/5.
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerSEE Hitler and Churchill, by Andrew Roberts, 2003/04.
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerChurchill on the Home Front 1900-1955, by Paul Addison, 1992.
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerChurchill & Chartwell, by Stefan Buczacki, 2007.
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston and ClementineSpeaking for Themselves, letters, ed Mary Soames, 1998.
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerNo More Champagne, C. and his Money, by David Lough, 2015
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston SpencerThe Churchill Factor, by Boris Johnson, 2014.
CLARE, JohnLetters, ed Mark Storey, 1985
CLARK, AlanDiaries, 3 vols., 1993-2002.
CLEMENCEAU, GeorgesSEE W.S. Churchill, Great Contemporaries
CLEMENS, S.L. ('Mark Twain')Mark Twain in England, by Dennis Welland, 1978
CLEMENS, S.L. ('Mark Twain')The Autobiography of Mark Twain, ed. C. Neider, 1960
CLEMENS, S.L. ('Mark Twain')My Father, by Clara Clemens, 1931
CLIVE, CarolineFrom Diary and Fam. Papers of Mrs A.Clive, ed M. Clive, 1949
CLOUGH, Arthur HughLetters, ed F. Mulhauser, 2 vols, 1957
CLOUGH, Arthur HughSee Letters of Matthew ARNOLD to A.H.C., ed H. Lowry, 1968
COATES, EricSuite in Four Movements, 1953
COBBETT, WilliamBy James Sambrook, Routledge Author Guides series, 1973
COBBETT, WilliamBy Richad Ingrams, 2005.
COBDEN, RichardBy John Morley, 2 vols., 1881
COCKERELL, Sydney CarlyleBy Wilfrid Blunt, 1964
COLE, Mary, Countess of BerkeleyBy Hope Costley-White, 1986
COLERIDGE, SaraSara Coleridge - a Victorian Daughter, by B.K. Mudge, 1989
COLERIDGE, HartleyBy Herbert Hartman, 1931
COLERIDGE, Samuel TaylorCollected Letters, ed E.L. Griggs, vols I, II, V, VI.
COLERIDGE, Samuel TaylorEarly Recollections, by Joseph Cottle, 2 vols, 1837
COLERIDGE, Samuel TaylorSee Recollections etc., by T. DE QUINCEY, 1972
COLERIDGE, Samuel TaylorEarly Visions, by Richard Holmes, 1989
COLERIDGE, Samuel TaylorDarker Reflections, by Richard Holmes, 1998
COLLINS, William WilkieThe Secret Life of W.C., by William M. Clarke, 1988
COLLINS, William WilkieThe King of Inventors, by Catherine Peters, 1991
COLLINS, William WilkieAn Illustrated Guide, by Andrew Gasson, 1978
COLVIN, Sir SidneyThe C's and Their Friends, by E.V. LucAs, 1928
CONRAD, JosephLetters to Wm Blackwood and D.S. Meldrum, 1958
CONRAD, JosephNotes on Life & Letters, 1921
CONRAD, JosephBy Jocelyn Baines, 1960
CONRAD, JosephBy Ford Madox Ford, 1924
CONRAD, JosephThe Last Twelve Years ..., by Richard Curle, 1928
CONRAD, JosephCollected Letters, 9 vols, 1983-2007
CONRAD, JosephSee, David Holmes, Catalogue 9, Sutton Collection
CONRAD, JosephBy Jeffrey Meyers, 1991
CONSTABLE, JohnLetters to C.R. Leslie, 1931
CONSTABLE, JohnBy John Lloyd Fraser, 1976
CONSTABLE, JohnBy C.R. Leslie, R.A., 1971 (reprint)
COOKE, AlistairThe Biography by Nick Clarke
COOPER, Duff, Viscount NorwichOld Men Forget, 1953
COOPER, Duff and DianaA Durable Fire, Letters 1913-1950, ed Artemis Cooper, 1983
COPLAND, Aaron1900-1942, Volume 1, by Copland and Vivian Perlis, 1984
CORBET, John (1619-1680)By Arthur Grime, typescript, n.d.
CORELLI, MarieNow Barabbas was a Rotter, by B. Masters, 1978
CORNWALLIS, Charles, 2nd EarlC. and the War of Independence, by F and M Wickwire, 1971
CORVO, BaronSee Frederick ROLFE
COWARD, NoŽlThe NoŽl Coward Diaries, ed G Payn and S Morley, 1982
COWPER, WilliamBy James King, 1986
COWPER, WilliamCorrespondence, ed Thomas Wright, 4 vols, 1904
CRABBE, GeorgeBy Terence Bareham, 1977
CRABBE, GeorgeSee Frank SWINNERTON, A Galaxy of Fathers, 1966
CRAWFORD, 25th and 26th EarlsBibliotheca Lindesiana, by Nicolas Barker, 1978
CRIPPS, Sir StaffordBy Eric Estorick, 1949
CROMWELL, OliverWritings and Speeches, ed Abbot, 4 vols 1988
CROMWELL, OliverSee CHARLES I and C., an Essay, by G. Young, 1935
CROMWELL, OliverBy Antonia Fraser, 1973
CROMWELL, OliverLetters and Speeches, ed by Thomas Carlyle, 1888
CRUIKSHANK, GeorgeBy Blanchard Jerrold, 1971
CUMBERLAND, Ernest Augustus, Duke ofDamnable Duke of Cumberland, by Anthony Bird, 1966
CUMBERLAND, Ernest Augustus, Duke ofBy Herbert van Thal, 1936
CUNARD, Lady EmeraldEmerald & Nancy, by Daphne Fielding, 1968
CUNARD, NancySEE Emerald & Nancy, by Daphne Fielding, 1968
CUNARD, NancyBy Anne Chisholm, 1981
CURIE, MarieBy Eve Curie, trans V. Sheean, ,1941
CURZON, George Nathaniel MarquessBy Earl of Ronaldsay, 3 vols, 1928
CURZON, George Nathaniel MarquessSEE W.S. Churchill, Great Contemporaries
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DAKERS, LionelPlaces Where they Sing, 1995
DALTON, HughHigh Tide and After, Proofs etc., 1961
DARLING, GraceHeroine of the Farne Islands, by Eva Hope, n.d.
DARLING, GraceBy Jessica Mitford, 1988
DARWIN, CharlesThe Correspondence of C.D., 19 vols, 1985-2014.
DARWIN, CharlesCalendar of the Correspondence, 1985
DARWIN, CharlesBy John Bowlby, 1990
DARWIN, EmmaBy Edna Healey, 2001.
DAVY, Sir HumphryLife beyond the lamp, by Ramond Lamont-Brown, 2004.
DAY, ThomasThe Exemplary Mr D., by Sir S.H. Scott, 1935
DE GAULLE, CharlesThe D.G. Nobody Knows, by Alden Hatch 1960
DE GAULLE, CharlesWar Memoirs, The Call to Honour &c., 2 vols, 1955
DE GUINGAND, Major-General Sir FrancisFrom Brass Hat to Bowler Hat, inscribed, 1979
DELANE, JohnBy Arthur Irwin Dasent, 2 vols, 1908
DELIUS, FrederickDelius as I knew him, by Eric Fenby, 1981
DELIUS, FrederickMemoirs of my Brother, by Clare Delius, 1935
DE QUINCEY, ThomasD.Q. and His Friends, by James Hogg, 1895
DE QUINCEY, ThomasConfessions of an English Opium Eater, 1966
DE QUINCEY, ThomasRecollections of the ... Lake Poets, 1972
DE QUINCEY, ThomasThe Opium-East, by Grevel Lindop, 1981/1993.
DERBY, Edward G.V. Stanley, 17th Earl ofBy Randolph S. Churchill, 1959
DERBY, Edward Stanley, 14th Earl ofThe Forgotten Prime Minister, 2 vols. Angus Hawkins
DEVONSHIRE, Duchesses ofThe Two Duchesses, by Arthur Calder-Marshall, 1978
DICKENS, CharlesLETTERS, Pilgrim Edition, 12 vols (complete)
DICKENS, CharlesBy Fred Kaplan, 1988
DICKENS, CharlesBy John Forster, 2 vols, 1911
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