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ALEXANDER, Albert Victor, Earl (1885-1965). Politician. First Lord of the Admiralty.
Signature ('A V Alexander') on white card, ca 50 x 90 mm (2 x 3½ inches).
£15 / $18 / €17 [No: 5183]
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BADER, Sir Douglas Robert Steuart (1910-1982). Royal Air Force Officer.
2 Typewritten Letters Signed to Geoffrey Powell, London, 2 pages 4to (a few chips, glue-stains to reverse of one letter), 11 November 1975 and 12 April 1978. With covering letter.
£285 / $356 / €333 [No: 26495]

BAKER, Sir Samuel White (1821-1893). African traveller.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Fowler', 3 pages 8vo, Thornham Hall, Eye, 29 Novedmber 1873. Making arrangments for a visit for dinner, asking whether his daughter (who would otherwise be left alone at the hotel') could be included in the number, and sending his best wishes to 'Professor Owen'.
£110 / $137 / €128 [No: 26523]

BELTZ, George Frederic (1777-1841). Herald and general.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, apologising for not answering an invitation as he was abroad, 1 page 8vo, Keppel Street, 23 September 1833.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 2515]

BERESFORD, Lord Charles (1846-1919). Admiral and politician.
Letter Signed to General Sir Robert Baden Powell, 1 page 4to, 1 Great Cumberland Place, 30 March 1911. Promising to 'see how the sentiment goes with regard to your kind offer' concerning Scoutmaster Swaine.
£45 / $56 / €52 [No: 24012]

BERESFORD, Lord Charles (1846-1919). Admiral and politician.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Sir Charles', 1½ pages 8vo (docketed in ink at the head), Admiralty (blind stamp), 26 May 1887. Agreeing to watch the career of James Robinson and 'if he passes do what I can to give him a lift'.
£45 / $56 / €52 [No: 24974]

BIDDULPH, Sir Michael Anthony Shrapnel (1823-1904). General.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Lewis, returning a proof and explaining the corrections, 1 page 8vo, Windsor Castle, 15 May 1895.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 2520]

BRIDGE, Cyprian A.G. (1839-1924). Admiral.
Autograph Letter Signed to Lady Lockyer, thanking her for a book on the Caroline Islands, 3 pages 8vo, 1 Eaton Terrace, 28 Feb 1908.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 3284]

BROWN, Francis Yeats (1866-1944). Soldier & writer.
Typewritten Letter Signed to Mrs MacDonnell, thanking her for information about a house, 1 p. 4to, Chelsea, 5 Apr 1932.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 3261]

BROWNSON, Willand Herbert (1845-1935). American Admiral.
Autograph Letter Signed to Rawle, inviting him on board his ship, 1 page 8vo, Alabama, 5 Nov no year.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 3213]
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CARDIGAN, James Thos Brudenell, 7th Earl (1797-1868). Lieutenant-General. Commander of the Light Brigade in the Crimea.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo, Deene, 19 January 1865. Approving an estimate and requesting that the work be started immediately. 'I approve the place & estimate & return them to you - I wish the work to be proceeded with at once.'
£225 / $281 / €263 [No: 26401]

CAULFIELD, James (1785-1852). General & Director of the East India Company.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, concerning a misdirected letter meant for Lady Duncan, 1 p. 8vo, Eaton Square, 20 Mar 1847.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 3605]

CHURCHILL, Alfred (1825-1870). Journalist in Turkey.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed Major, discussing books ('I am glad at last to see your publication on the Library Table at the Carlton'), 3 pages 8vo, 12 Mar no year.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 3703]

CODRINGTON, Sir William John (1804-1884). General.
Brief Autograph Letter Signed, 1 p. 16mo, Eaton Square, 2 Jul 1867 ('Your wish is easily complied with').
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 3808]

COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert, Baron (1748-1810). Vice-admiral. Second in command at Trafalgar.
Letter Signed to Sir Robert Adair, 1 page folio with second leaf bearing a brief endorsement, Ocean at Malta, 27 January 1809. Congratulating Adair on having concluded a treaty with Turkey, promising to order the cessation of naval hostilities, and offering to find a good position for Captain Stewart.
£1650 / $2062 / €1930 [No: 26226]

COLVILLE, Sir William James (1827-1903). Colonel & Master of Ceremonies to Edward VII.
Autograph Letter Signed to Wilks, asking his advice on an application, 1 p. 8vo (another letter on the reverse), Clarence House, 7 Jan 1881.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 3867]

CONWAY, Henry Seymour (1719-1795). Army officer and politician.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed peer [perhaps the earl of Bute], 3 pages 4to, ?Amenau, 19 September 1762. Soliciting advancement from the king.
£85 / $106 / €99 [No: 24722]

CROMER, 1st Earl of
Autograph Letter Signed, 1 page 8vo, 13 March 1904
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 3079]
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DILKE, Ashton Wentworth (1850-1883). Traveller and politician.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, saying he has nothing suitable for the proposed exhibition, 2 pages 8vo, House of Commons Library, 2 August 1881.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 1072]

DOYLE, Sir Charles William
Autograph Letter Signed, 2 pages 4to, Limerick, 5 Nov 1828
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 0228]

DU CHAILLU, Paul Belloni (1835-1903). African explorer and author.
Autograph Letter Signed to [John] Cordy Burrows, 1½ pages 8vo with blank leaf and envelope, Edinburgh, 23 October 1861. Thanking Burrows for an invitation to the opening 'of your new museum', and declining on the grounds of other engagements.
£85 / $106 / €99 [No: 25630]

DUNCAN, Francis (1836-1888). Soldier and politician.
Brief Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Townley, soothing her anxieties, 1 page 8vo, Woolwich, 13 June 1888.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 1123]

DUNDAS, Sir Richard Saunders (1802-1861). Naval officer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Captain F J Michell, 1½ pages 4to, Admiralty, 29 December 1828. Acting as secretary to his father, Lord Melville, he writes to promise that his father will consider granting Michell promotion, but warning that are a number of other cases 'to which his attention may be more immediately called'.
£45 / $56 / €52 [No: 25923]
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EDWARDES, Sir Herbert Benjamin (1819-1868). Statesman and soldier.
Autograph Letter Signed to Campbell Dun, 3¼ pages 8vo, (remains of former mount), Southgate House, 8 May 1866. Thanking him for a portrait of the 'great Duke' [Wellington], and inviting him to visit.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 0555]
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FINGALL, Arthur Plunkett, 11th Earl of (1859-1929). Soldier and statesman.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mr ?Gretton, 4 pages 8vo, Moorgate Court, 8 May 1896. Apologising for embarrassing him over Fingall's election to some society, and hoping that the matter can be satisfactorily resolved.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 2067]

FISHER, John Arbuthnot, 1st Baron (1841-1920). Admiral of the fleet.
Large signature ('Fisher') in ink on a cut piece with admiralty rubber stamp alongside, no date.
£45 / $56 / €52 [No: 25688]

FREMANTLE, Sir Edmund Robert (1836-1929). Admiral and writer on naval subjects.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, ½-page 4to, Lower Sloane Street, 8 December 1915. Thanking him for sending an extract from 'The New York Times' and sending him a reply (no longer present).
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 0657]

FREMANTLE, Sir Francis Edward (1872-1943). Lieutenant-Colonel and Physician.
Typewritten Letter Signed to H. Reinheimer, ½-page 8vo, Bedwell Park, Hatfield, 11 July 1931. Acknowledging receipt of his letter and promising to raise the issues at the Parliamentary Medical Committee.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 0659]
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GLEICHEN, Count (1833-1891). Admiral & sculptor; Prince Ferdinand Victor of Hohenlohe.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Gleichen') to Mr Hay, on two sides of a correspondence card (traces of former mounting at head), St James's Palace, 10 June 1884. Thanking him for the trouble he has taken about 'the Holloway statues'.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 5368]

GORDON, Charles George (1833-1885). Army officer. Killed at Khartoum.
Autograph Letter Signed to General Eyre at 10 Berkeley Square, 1 page 8vo with blank leaf and original envelope, 5 Rochester Place, Southampton, 9 January 1884. Informing Eyre that he will be leaving for Exeter to stay with the Revd [R.H.] Barnes and that he will be leaving for Brussels on the 25th. 'I cannot break my word to King Leopold ...'
£1100 / $1375 / €1287 [No: 26253]

GORDON, Charles George (1833-1885). Army officer. Killed at Khartoum.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Dyer, 1 page 8vo with blank Leaf, 5 Rockstone Place, Southampton (on United Service Club writing paper), 8 December 1882. Acknowledging his letter and confirming that he will try to visit his correspondent before leaving England.
£650 / $812 / €760 [No: 26254]

GRANT, Sir Charles John Cecil (1877-1950). General.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Dent, 1½ pages 4to, H[ead] Q[uarte]rs, Third Army, 15 April 1917. A touching letter of condolence on the death of her husband.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 5524] Longer description

GROVE, Sir Coleridge (1839-1920). Major General.
Two Autograph Letters Signed to [Ernest] Bagalley, in all 3 pages 8vo, War Office, 7 and 11 September 1900. Discussing Bagalley's son's career in the Army.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 6161] Longer description
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HALL, Captain Basil (1788-1844). Naval Captain and author.
Autograph Letter Signed to Dr Richardson, 2¼ pages 16mo (weak in the folds, laid down on the remains of an album leaf), 77 Harley Street, 20 March 1840. Asking Richardson to append his name to 'our friend Grant's Certificate at the Royal Academy'.
£85 / $106 / €99 [No: 25871]

HARDWICK, Charles P York, 5th Earl of (1836-1897). Soldier and land-owner.
Letter Signed to the Secretary of the Cambridge Asylum for Soldiers' Widows, 1 page 8vo, integral address-leaf and red wax seal, penny-red stamp, 6 March 1865. Accepting with pleasure the office of Steward on the occcasion of their 4th Memorial Dinner.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 6567]

HARDWICK, Charles Phillip York, 5th Earl (1836-1897). Soldier and land-owner.
Autograph Letter Signed to Sir John Radcliffe, 2 pages 8vo, 1 August no year. A thank-you letter.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 6568]

HAY, Sir John Charles Dalrymple, third Bt (1821-1912). Admiral.
Autograph Letter Signed to George Nicholls, 2 pages 8vo, Fulmer Place, Fulmer, Slough, 22 June 1895. Agreeing to become one of the Patrons of the Gerrards Cross Golf Club, so long as it does not involve any 'pecuniary liability'.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 6730]

HENDERSON, Wilfred (1873-1930). Vice-Admiral.
Typewritten Letter Signed to T Gerard Davison, 1½ pages 4to (worn in the folds), Ropley, Hampshire, 17 November 1920. Inquiring about his method of making chalk conglomerate ('without infringing on your rights') so that he can use it to make structural improvements to his farm.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 6828]

HOOD, Samuel, first Viscount (1724-1816). Admiral.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Hood') to the Revd Dr Goodall, 1 page 4to (slight traces of mounting, and one endorsement to the reverse), Wimpole Street, 24 April 1798. Recommending his grandson as a pupil at Eton.
£650 / $812 / €760 [No: 25873]
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JEFFREYS, George Darrell, 1st Baron (1878-1960). General. Colonel of the Grenadier Guards.
Autograph Letter Signed to Ball, 1 page 4to, Burkham House, Alton, Hants, 17 April 1958. Expressing dismay at Ball's announced retirement ('though I daresay you will be glad of a chance of a little relaxation') and making an appointment to see him.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 8099]
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KEITH, George Keith Elphinstone, Viscount (1746-1823). Admiral.
Important Autograph Letter Signed to Sir (William) S[idney] Smith (1764-1840, naval officer), 1 page 4to with address-leaf (name only), ?'Camp', 31 August or 'April' no year.
£450 / $562 / €526 [No: 24717]

KITCHENER, Horatio Herbert, 1st Earl (1850-1916). Field Marshal.
Cabinet-size photograph by G. Lékégian & Co. of Cairo, signed in ink 'Kitchener of Khartoum / Sirdar' [commander-in-chief], no date (after 1892). A fine photograph in near perfect condition showing Kitchener at three-quarter length in tropical uniform. Inscribed on the reverse by a previous owner as having been acquired at Bagshot Park Bazaar in 1899.
£750 / $937 / €877 [No: 26014]

KITCHENER, Horatio Herbert, 1st Earl (1850-1916). Field Marshal.
Autograph Letter Signed to Captain Anson, 1 page 8vo (a little worn with some remains of old mounting and offsetting from hasty folding), Cairo, 28 April, no year. Signed 'Herbert Kitchener', declining to find Anson a billet (i.e. a military position), referring him to Captain Middlemass of the Coast Guard at Alexandria ('but they are full now').
£350 / $437 / €409 [No: 26603]
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LAYARD, Sir Austen Henry (1817-1894). Excavator of Nineveh.
Autograph Letter Signed to [Thomas] Hughes, 2 pages 8vo, Piccadilly, ?21 October ?1851. Arranging to hold a dinner for the painter and sculptor George Frederic Watts. ('I have also spoken to Phillips who ... proposed a plan for kidnapping the pittore in case he should show any coyness in accepting the invite. ...')
£120 / $150 / €140 [No: 26557]

LEININGEN, Prince Ernest Leopold (1830-1904). Admiral.
Autograph Letter Signed to White, 1 page 8vo (traces of former mounting on the reverse), 2 Carlisle Place, 7 January 1870. Accepting an invitation to dine the following Tuesday.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 21676]

LOW, Sir John (1878-1880). Anglo-Indian General.
Autograph Letter Signed to Messrs Dean and Low, 3½ pages 8vo (printed note of identification on the back), Fife, 7 January 1865. Correcting four 'trifling' mistakes made in his biography (name mis-spelled, date of marriage wrong, place of residence non-existent and wife's name incorrect).
£35 / $43 / €40 [No: 22155]

LUCAN, George Charles Bingham, Earl of (1800-1888). Field Marshal; commanded the heavy brigade at Balaclava.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Lucan') to his agent, W[illia]m Brocklehurst, 4 pages 8vo with postscript written across the first page, Castleham, 7 November 1842. Urging Brocklehurst to implement the scheme drawn up for the management of his Sutton estate and asking for help in securing two mares ('I have always admired the horses about ... Manchester & Liverpool').
£175 / $218 / €204 [No: 22360]

LUCAN, George Charles Bingham, Earl of (1800-1888). Field Marshal.
Correspondence between Lucan and his estate manager for Sutton Hall in Macclesfield, William Brocklehurst with additional estate papers. In all, 37 Autograph Letters Signed of Lucan and 11 address-wrappers, an Autograph Letter (third person) of Lady Lucan, ca 35 letters from Brocklehurst, and a large number of estate papers, 1830s
Price on application [No: 7380]

LUDLOW, George James, third Earl (1758-1842). General.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed peer ('My Dear Lord'), 3 pages 4to with his correspondent's answer on the back (signed 'N.S.'), Staughton, 17 August 1782. Commending Mr Griffiths to the recipient's influence, with the acquience of his correspondent.
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 22214]

LUDLOW, George James, third Earl (1758-1842). General.
Autograph Letter Signed to Horace Twiss, 1 page 8vo with integral address-leaf and remains of a red wax seal, no place, no date. Explaining that Jud had come so late there was little he could do, but that he had put the problem in the hands of the parish solicitor.
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 22609]
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MACGREGOR, John (1825-1892). Philanthropist and traveller, known as 'Rob Roy'.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo (laid down on the remains of an album leaf), [Inner] Temple 29 March no year. Sending his terms for lecturing (no longer included) and adding that his lecture in Birmingham cleared £124.
£45 / $56 / €52 [No: 22639]

MACLEAN, Sir Fitzroy Hew Royle (1911-1996). Army officer & politician.
Correspondence Card Signed ('Fitzroy'), blind stamp of the House of Commons, 'Christmas 1951'. Inscribed 'To Pat and Edith / with every good wish'.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 22687]

MAITLAND, Anthony, Earl of Lauderdale (1785-1863). Naval officer.
Autograph Letter Signed to John Spotteswood, 2½ pages 4to with integral address-leaf and red wax seal, Laude[rdale], 19 February 1829. Reporting on a meeting with Colonel Napier at which they agreed to forward 'a Cash Credit' of £1,500 for the project.
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 22748]

MALLESON, George Bruce (1825-1898). Army officer and military historian.
Autograph Letter Signed to Jones, 1 page 8vo, 27 West Cromwell road, 16 January no year. Asking for a section of The French in India to be typeset.
£35 / $43 / €40 [No: 22766]

MARKHAM, Sir Clements Robert (1830-1916). Geographer and historical writer.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1½ pages 8vo, 21 Eccleston Square, 2 December 1907. Thanking him for sending Sir Henry Knyvetts' Defence of the Realm with which he heartily agrees ('The antidote to socialism is patriotism').
£65 / $81 / €76 [No: 22860]

MAURICE, Sir Frederick Barton (1871-1951). Major-general.
Autograph Letter Signed to Marshall, 1½ pages 8vo, Kensington Park Gardens, 13 July no year. Discussing a series of articles on his American visit for the Daily News ('One of the chief objects of this series is to bring out the part played by the American army of which enough is not yet known here').
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 23037]

METHUEN, Paul Sanford, third Baron (1845-1932). Field Marshal.
Autograph Letter Signed to General Kent, 2½ pages 8vo, Horse Guards, Whitehall, 11 April 1892. Enlisting Kent as Brigadier of the West London Volunteers in the place of the recently deceased Lord Abinger.
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 23155]

METHUEN, Paul Sanford, third Baron (1845-1932). Field Marshal.
Signature irregularly torn from the foot of a letter on black-edged paper, signed 'Methuen' as 'General / Commanding the Forces in South Africa'.
£25 / $31 / €29 [No: 23992]

Autograph Document signed by the adjutant, Charles Stuart, 3 pages folio, ca 1833. Documenting the scale of punishment of the First Battalion of the Grenadier Guards, listing such offences as 'For each minute late for Parade or Roll call', 'Making Shuffling excuses', and 'Swearing or blackguard language'.
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 23533]

[MONTGOMERY, Sir Bernard Law, Viscount] (1887-1976). Field Marshal.
Autograph Letter Signed from Montgomery's father, H.H. Montgomery, Bishop of Tasmania, 1 page 8vo, on writing paper of the Society of the Propagation of the bible in Foreign parts, 17 December 1924. Amusingly saying 'we are sure to meet & then I Shall hear I hope of glorious victorious victories over the Army', and acknowledging a donation.
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 23319]

MOUNTBATTEN, Lord Louis, 1st Earl (1900-1979). Admiral of the Fleet.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Dickie') to 'My dear Elita', 1 page small 4to, Broadlands, Romsey, no date. Concerning the arrangements for a family wedding.
£110 / $137 / €128 [No: 25348]
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NAPIER, Edward (1808-1870). Lieutenant-general & author.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 2½ pages 8vo, Newport, Isle of Wight, 21 May 1852. Discussing portraits of his illustrous forbear, Sir Charles Napier.
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 23577]

NAPIER OF MAGDALA, Robert Cornelis (1810-1890). Field Marshal; first Baron.
Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Gye, 2 pages 8vo, no place, 23 January ['1880' in pencil in another hand]. Crying off their engagement for the evening on the grounds of the need to write letters for the Indian mail as a consequence of 'our business this afternoon'.
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 23579]

NELSON, Horatio, Viscount (1758-1805). Vice-admiral.
Autograph Letter Signed (with the left hand, 'Nelson & Bronte') to captain Sir Edward [Berry], 1 page 4to (old repair to split in centre fold), Merton, 8 June 1802. Concerning a case relating, not unusually, to prize money.
£7500 / $9375 / €8775 [No: 25490]

NELSON, Horatio, Viscount (1758-1805). Vice-admiral.
Naval order signed ('Nelson & Bronte'), the text in the hand of his secretary John Scott, to Lord Mark Kerr, Victory, at sea, 26 January 1805. To the captain of H.M.S. Fisguard, countermanding earlier orders and commanding him to return to rendezvous number 97 [south of San Sebastian], 2 sides folio on a single sheet, with blank leaf.
£4750 / $5937 / €5557 [No: 26464]

NORSTAD, Lauris (1907-1988). American general; Supreme Allied Commander Europe.
Typewritten Letter Signed ('Lauris') to Field Marshal Sir John Harding, 1 page 4to, on writing paper of the Allied Powers Europe (filing holes in margin), 27 July 1956. Thanking Harding for congratulations on his succession [as Supreme Allied Commander Europe], and offering hope that Harding will be 'successful in finding a workable solution to the serious problem with which you are dealing'.
£55 / $68 / €64 [No: 23727]

NORTH, Sir Dudley Burton Napier (1881-1961). Admiral.
Autograph Letter Signed to Lady De Gex, on two sides of an embossed correspondence card from H.M. Yacht Victoria & Albert, 23 May 1937. Thanking her for congratulations (on his KCVO) and promising to come to see her and to tell her all about it.
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 23742]

NUGENT, Lavall, Count Nugent (1777-1862). Army officer in the imperial service.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 4to, 9 Bennett Street, St James's, 5 February 1852. Asking that papers be sent to him the following day, and offering to send his son to collect them.
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 23798]
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PARKER, Hyde (1784?-1854). Vice-admiral; first sea lord of the Admiralty.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Barton', 3 pages 8vo, Minstead Lodge, Lyndhurst, 16 September 1850. Instructing Barton as to how to acquire an appointment on the Royal yacht.
£38 / $47 / €44 [No: 24373]

PARRY, Sir William Edward (1790-1855). Arctic explorer.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Richardson', probably Sir John Richardson, 1 page 8vo (c.5 x 4½ inches), Haslar, 27 December no year. Traces of old mounting to the reverse, slightly trimmed at the left hand side.
£325 / $406 / €380 [No: 26618]

PASLEY, Sir Charles William (1780-1861). Army officer.
Autograph Letter Signed to W. Cabell, 2½ pages 4to, Chatham, 14 February 1834. Warmly approving a plan to send engineering cadets to Chatham under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Hay ('to make him responsible for their general conduct') whilst remaining in command of their studies.
£45 / $56 / €52 [No: 26353]

PEARD, John Whitehead (1811-1880). 'Garibaldi's Englishman'.
Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Gilbert, 2 pages 12mo, Sparnon, Torquay, no date. Thanking her for bringing the sale of a bird to his attention, but regretting that it had been sold an hour before he contacted its owner.
£45 / $56 / €52 [No: 24478]

PEPYS, Samuel (1633-1703). Diarist.
Letter Signed, to the clerk of the cheque at Chatham, 1 page folio, 30 April 1667, with a further document on the reverse also signed by Pepys, 27 April 1667. The letter instructs the clerk to receive a consignment of timber (as described in the contract overleaf) from Mr John Mason. Signed also by Brouncker, William Penn (jnr.) and John Hervey.
£2500 / $3125 / €2925 [No: 26547]

PIM, Bedford Clapperton Trevelyan (1826-1886). Naval officer & barrister.
Letter Signed to W.H. Webb, President of the Central American Transit Company, 1 page 4to (tears in the folds), 4 Westminster Chambers, London, 22 June 1867. Soliciting the partnership of Webb in his scheme to build a canal through Mosquito and Nicaragua, for which he has received a concession from the Nicaraguan government.
£45 / $56 / €52 [No: 26357]

POLIGNAC, Camille Armand, Prince de (1832-1913). French nobleman, scholar & soldier; joined the Confederate Army.
Autograph Letter (third person) to the Comte de Mulinen, 1 page 8vo (stains resembling coffee), Paris, 16 September no year. Assuring him that the coat destined for the Comte de Mandelstok will be delivered.
£125 / $156 / €146 [No: 24825]
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REID, William (1921-2001). Victoria Cross holder.
Signature and subscription ('Best Wishes / William Reid V.C. / ex 61 Squadron RAFVR / ex 617 / Tarland 21.2.56'. On a small white card, ca 45 x 75 mm (2 x 3 inches).
£45 / $56 / €52 [No: 19834]

ROBERTS, Frederick Sleigh, 1st Earl (1832-1914). Field Marshal.
Typewritten Letter Signed to the Rev J. Percy de Putron, 3 pages small 4to (a little soiled), 'On the Nile, 14 March 1909. Taking as his starting-point Putron's letter saying that he was to hold a Church Parade for his parishioners who had joined the Territorials, Robert expatiates on the duty of soldiering.
£150 / $187 / €175 [No: 25512]

ROBERTS, Frederick Sleigh, 1st Earl (1832-1914). Field Marshal.
Autograph Letter Signed to Hichens, 2 pages 8vo, Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, 8 October 1895. Suggesting that his shares in the Consolidated Gold Fields of South Afica ought perhaps to be sold in view of the drop in their value.
£125 / $156 / €146 [No: 26140]

RUSSELL, Sir William Howard (1820-1907). War correspondent.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo on dark blue paper with integral blank, Braemar, 27 September 1865. Asking whether he had received a photograph and stamps sent three weeks previously.
£65 / $81 / €76 [No: 24339]
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SABINE, Sir Edward (1788-1883). Army officer, explorer and physicist.
Autograph Letter Signed to E.W. Cooke, 3 pages 8vo, 13 Ashley Place, 27 April no year [watermark 1862]. Welcoming him home and inviting him to an early dinner to meet a colleague.
£110 / $137 / €128 [No: 25355]

SABINE, Sir Edward (1788-1883). Army officer, explorer and physicist.
Autograph Letter Signed to John Murray, 1½ pages 8vo (traces of glue in the margin), no place, 29 January 1867. Thanking Murray for a copy of de Chaillu's 'volume'.
£75 / $93 / €87 [No: 26214]

SAXE-WEIMAR, Edward, Prince of (1823-1902). Anglo-German Field Marshal.
Autograph Letter Signed to General Cardew, 2 pages 8vo, Royal Hospital, Dublin, 17 February 1886. Explaining that Cardew's letter had come just in time on the day his nephew's case had come up, and assuring Cardew that he had made appropriate provision.
£40 / $50 / €46 [No: 26249]

SCHENCK, Robert Cumming (1809-1890). Union Army General in the American Civil War.
Autograph Letter (third person), 1 page 8vo on flimsy paper, 1330 Mass[achuetts] Avenue ('cor[ner] 14th. W.), 3 February 1870. Accepting an invitation from Mr Philp for the following Thursday.
£45 / $56 / €52 [No: 26267]

SCOTT, Robert Nicholson (1838-1887). American Army Officer & compiler of Civil War Records.
Autograph Letter Signed to Prof Robert Thompson in Philadelphia, 1 page 4to on writing paper of the War Department, Publication Office, War Records, Washington, 21 July 1882. Explaining that pressure of work means that he will be unable to write an article on the American Army in time to meet the deadline, and suggesting in his stead General James Foy.
£45 / $56 / €52 [No: 26298]

SETON-KARR, Heywood Walter (1859-1938). Soldier & game hunter.
Autograph Letter Signed to Fletcher, 3 pages 8vo, 30 Lancaster Gate, 6 April 1889. Informing Fletcher that his book Shores and Alps of Alaska is soon to be issued and listing his other publications dealing with Alaska and British Columbia, along with other cryptic observations.
£45 / $56 / €52 [No: 26347]

SHERMAN, William Tecumseh (1820-1891). American general.
Lengthy Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Julia K. Fish, 4 pages 8vo, Headquarters, Army of the United States, Washington, 11 July 1870. Discussing the future of Fort Monroe.
£425 / $531 / €497 [No: 24302]

SMITH, Sir (William) Sidney (1764-1840). Admiral.
Autograph Letter Signed to Lord Nugent at Lilies in Buckinghamshire, 3 pages 4to with address-leaf bearing red wax seal, Paris, 18 June 1818. Thanking him for his support during his 'painful state of suspense'.
£125 / $156 / €146 [No: 24756]

SMYTH, William Henry (1788-1865). Admiral and scientific writer.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1½ pages 8vo, St John's Lodge, Aylesbury, 26 January 1859. An amusing letter telling of the breakfast-table announcement of Baden Powell's election to his two sons.
£125 / $156 / €146 [No: 26571]

STANLEY, Sir Henry Morton (1841-1904). Explorer, administrator, author and journalist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Alfred Lyall, 2 pages 8vo (facing, small area of damage to lower left hand corner of second leaf), 2 Richmond Terrace, 22 June 1891. Declining an offer of hospitality during his visit to Canterbury, and expressing his preference for a hotel.
£350 / $437 / €409 [No: 25379]
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TEMPLER, Sir Gerald (1898-1979). Field Marshal.
Printed form-letter Signed, 1 page 4to, 24 April 1968
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 0791]

TORRENS, Sir Henry (1779-1828). General.
Autograph Letter Signed to Colonel Wood, thanking him for an oppotunity to view a document, 1 page 8vo (trimmed, laid down), 15 August 1814.
£32 / $40 / €37 [No: 3074]
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WELLINGTON, Arthur Wellesley, duke of (1769-1852).
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 2 pages 8vo, London, 30 April 1844. Suggesting that if his presence at the Committee is not necessary, he would prefer not to attend, but promising to do so if needed.
£550 / $687 / €643 [No: 24867]

WOOD, Sir (Henry) Evelyn, VC. (1838-1919). Army officer
Typewritten Letter Signed to E.H. Montage [sic], 1½ pages 8vo, War Office (with blind stamp), 8 September 1899. Giving several reasons why Montage's brother-in-law would not be eligible for the Army Service Corps.
£85 / $106 / €99 [No: 25687]
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ZALINSKI, Edmund Louis Gray (1849-1909). Military engineer, developed the dynamite torpedo-gun.
The conclusion and signature from an Autograph Letter Signed ('I am, with much love, affectionately yours E.L. Zalinski'), with a postscript, ½-page 8vo, no date.
£85 / $106 / €99 [No: 24144]
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